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Construction Science Program Information


Why Construction Science at the University of Oklahoma? Emmilea, Herman and Reajina tell their stories.


Degree Requirements | Degree Flow Chart (PDF)



Admission to the Construction Science degree program is competitive.  Forty students are admitted each Fall in to the Junior level Construction Science Courses.  Admission to the Junior year is based on the following:

  • All classes shown in the Freshman and Sophomore years on the Construction Science degree plan must be complete.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required.
  • The top forty students are determined holistically considering GPA (cumulative GPA, major GPA, and OU GPA), extracurricular activities, work experience, and instructor feedback.

All Construction Science students have the option of taking the Associate Constructor Exam in their final year, prior to graduation (The Division will subsidize the cost of the exam).  OU students have consistently scored above the national average on this exam.

Additional Information

Construction Science majors who are interested in a minor, are encouraged to pursue a General Business Minor. The Construction Science Division also offers a minor in Construction Science. 

For more information about majoring or minoring in Construction Science contact Erin Nance (


Construction Management Special Studies

Degree Requirements

Construction Management Thesis Option

Degree Requirements


The Construction Management (CM) curriculum is designed to build on experience that construction undergraduates typically gain as well as add construction education to other areas. Course content focuses on emerging construction trends, project delivery methods, products, management practices and technologies. Along with the other CM courses, the leadership course is designed for managers wanting to move up to the next level. The curriculum uses research to support decision-making and critical thinking skill development.

Courses are designed to develop technical and management skills using the following:

  • Lectures
  • Out-of-class meetings and discussions
  • Interviews
  • Construction case studies
  • Individual and team projects
  • Construction industry software
  • Interaction with industry members

How to Apply

Forms and guidelines can be downloaded at Along with these completed forms and other requested documents, applicants should submit a letter of interest containing a brief narrative about reasons for seeking the degree and goals for use of the degree after graduation. This letter of interest is very important and weighted heavily by the Applicant Review Committee. If the applicant meets Graduate College criteria and is accepted in the Graduate College, the application packet is forwarded to the CM Graduate Liaison. Acceptance in the program is contingent upon approval by the CM Applicant Review Committee. Enrollment in the program is limited and competitive.

Due to the structure of our program we only allow new students in the fall semester. We review applications in the spring. All materials must be submitted by March 1 for admission in the upcoming fall semester.

Application Requirements

  • Submit online application through the OU Graduate College
  • Pay OU application fee
  • Meet OU Graduate College requirements.
  • Submit official transcript and records
  • Submit GRE test scores
  • Submit TOEFL scores (for international students only)
  • Submission of a Letter of Interest
  • Submission of a current Resume
  • Submission of three (3) current Letters of Recommendation.

For more information about the Construction Management graduate program, please contact the CM Graduate Liaison Dr. Somik Ghosh at or 405-325-3670

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria are used to screen applicants?

Our graduate program has developed many high-caliber industry experts and we look to continue to find students who will be excellent representatives of our program in the future. The CM applicant review committee evaluates everything that is submitted to determine admission. Past GPA or GRE scores do not always clearly identify if students will be successful. Many of our students bring past experience in areas such as engineering, architecture, interior design and planning that is very valuable to classmates and classes. For this reason, past experience, letters of interest, and letters of recommendation have heavy weight in the admission decision.

What backgrounds are most suited to this degree?

Many backgrounds can be served by this degree. Currently we have approximately 33% architects, 33% engineers and 33% business and other degrees. We have approximately 50% international students and 50% U.S. citizens. We have approximately 50% women and 50% men. Many of our students work full- or part-time and adjust their work schedule to class time. We are extremely pleased with the diversity in our classes. We all enjoy the many perspectives that the balanced diversity brings to our discussions.

What are my chances for admittance in to the program?

Admittance is competitive. We generally receive about 25-30 applications per admittance period and accept 10-15 applicants.

What is the application and acceptance process?

Go to the OU Graduate College website for application forms and all information. Follow the instructions.

You must be accepted by the Graduate College first. In your application you will declare Construction Management as your degree choice. After you are accepted into the Graduate College, they will forward your application to the Construction Management Graduate Liaison. A review committee will then review your application.

When should I submit my application?

The deadline for application is March 1. We only allow new students in the fall semester.

Will hours from another graduate program transfer?

Up to 3 hours of appropriate electives can be accepted for credit. The Graduate Liaison must approve all elective hours. Elective courses must relate to the design/build industry. Up to 3 hours of electives can be transferred from another graduate program. The Graduate Liaison must approve all transferred electives prior to first semester enrollment.

Does your program provide online classes?

No, our program is designed to be collaborative with other students and faculty.

How long is the program?

The majority of our students finish the program in two years (four semesters). However, some students are able to finish the program in a year and a half (three semesters) if they are able to get an early start on their research project and enroll in classes full-time. Some of our students, depending on personal responsibilities, take longer and complete the program in three years. Thirty two (32) credits are required for graduation. Typically students will enroll in 9 or 12 credits each semester, which is either three or four classes.

What is the expected cost of attendance?

The cost of attending graduate school at the University of Oklahoma varies year to year based on economic factors that are out of our control. Interested students can calculate the current annual cost for attending school on the OU Tuition Estimator. Typically students will enroll in 9 or 12 credits each semester. Be sure to select the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture, as there are additional fees required by the college.

What are the chances of getting financial support?


In 2020, over $35,000 was awarded to our graduate students. All grad students are able to submit for scholarships from October 1 to February 1 each year through the OU Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH). Once a student applies through CASH, their application is enrolled in to several scholarships which they are eligible to receive.

Teaching, Graduate and Research Assistantships (TA, GA, RA)

The Division of Construction Science typically provides between 4-6 teaching, graduate and research assistantships on an annual basis. Award is primarily based upon program and faculty need. Assistantships are very competitive and are typically granted depending on the fit, experience and ability to do the required task of the student. Teaching and research potential is a major requirement for these positions.

What can I do with the degree?

The opportunities abound! Some of our graduates work for contractors, design firms, facility managers, municipalities and owners. We have people working in real estate development and job site project management. We have people administering construction contracts and managing facilities. Average salaries upon completion typically range between $55,000 and $65,000. Many of our students find jobs here in the state of Oklahoma, but we have graduates working in many states and countries.

Is this Construction Management program a STEM-recognized program?

Yes, The Master of Construction Science degrees are STEM-recognized programs which qualify students on an F-1 visa to work in the U.S. for up to three years following graduation.