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Support for incoming PhD students is limited and dependent upon the availability of faculty funding from current sponsored research projects. Please consult the faculty directory and reach out to faculty with whom you are interested in working prior to applying to ensure that 1) funding is available and 2) they are interested in taking you on as an advisee.

International Students: The PhD in Planning, Design and Construction (D785) degree qualifies students on an F-1 visa to work in the U.S. for up to three years following graduation. Learn more here.

Design in Action

The PhD in Planning, Design and Construction degree is available to students wishing to pursue a specialized research or creative agenda. This program consists of coursework tailored to the student’s interests, providing them with an opportunity to deepen their expertise in a particular realm of built environment research. Students work closely with their faculty committee to select courses from across the University to create an individualized educational plan, with a concentration in one of the the College’s five primary disciplines: Architecture, Construction Science, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture or Regional and City Planning. Students have the opportunity to study with leading scholars in the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture, as well as University-wide fields as diverse as Engineering, Geography, History of Science, and more. Graduates of this program are prepared to continue their work in specialized fields, such as professional researchers, post-secondary educators, and non-profit leaders.

Student Publications

Najmi Sarooghi, E. & McCuen, T. (2021). “BIM-GIS: Analysis and Integration for Contractors.” EPiC Series in Built Environment, 2: 255-263.

Bigelow, B., Perrenoud, A., Rahman, M., & Saseendran, A. (2019). “An Exploration of Age on Attraction and Retention of Managerial Workforce in the Electrical Construction Industry in the United States.” International Journal of Construction Education and Research, 17 (1).

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Zhou, L., Shen, G., Woodfin, T., Chen, T., & Song, K. (2018). “Ecological and economic impacts of green roofs and permeable pavements at the city level: the case of Corvallis, Oregon.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 61 (3): 430-450.

Zhou, L., Wu, Y., Wu, Y., Zhu, R., Woodfin, T., & Chen, T. (2018). “An approach to evaluate comprehensive plan and identify priority lands for future land use development to conserve more ecological values.” Sustainability, 10 (1).

Recent Dissertations

Sogol, S. (2021). Identifying the Impact of Preconstruction Elements on Project Budget and Time Using BIM-Generated Data: Developing a Decision-Making Guideline for Project Owners. [Doctoral dissertation, Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture]. SHAREOK.

Yi, Y. (2021). The Environmental Design Factors Associated With Functional Independence of People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. [Doctoral dissertation, Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture]. SHAREOK.

Zhou, L. (2016). Using Invest to Evaluate the Performance of Urban Growth Management Strategies in Conserving Ecosystem Services in the City of Corvallis, Oregon. [Doctoral dissertation, Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture]. SHAREOK.

Zhao, K. (2016). Factors Directly or Indirectly Influencing Job-Housing Balance and Commuting Time – Three Cases in Beijing. [Doctoral dissertation, Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture]. SHAREOK.



For Fall admission, submit applications by April 1

Current Students

Rebecca Blaine
Research Interests: Historic Preservation + Downtown Revitalization
Advisor: Dr. Charlie Warnken

Muzibur Rahman

Muzibur Rahman
Research Interests: Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB), Green Building, and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Advisor: Dr. Tamera McCuen

Ammara Faisal

Ammara Faisal
Research Interests: The role of environment-behavior (E-B) attributes on instructional methods in higher education
Advisor: Dr. Natalie Ellis

Zhina Rashidzadeh
Research Interests: Responsive Facade, Sustainable Design, Visual Comfort, Thermal Comfort, Building Energy Simulation, Computational Design
Advisor: Dr. Negar Matin

Sara Hajirezaie

Sara Fast
Research Interests: Housing, Transportation, and Built Environment in Aging-Friendly Communities
Advisor: Dr. Charles Warnken

Bill Ridley

Bill Ridley
Research Interests: Market Alternatives to Eminent Domain using a Coasean Matrix-Bargaining Game Approach
Advisor: Dr. Charles Warnken

Emad Najmi Sarooghi
Research Interests: BIM-GIS Integration, Building Energy Management in Smart Cities, and 3D Simulations for Smart Solutions
Advisor: Dr. Tamera McCuen

Shu Sun
Research Interests: Microclimate design for elderly people
Advisor: Dr. Wenwen Cheng