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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture
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Undergraduate Students: Gibbs College now offers an accelerated program in Environmental Design (BSED, undergraduate degree) and Landscape Architecture (MLA, graduate degree). With this program, students can earn two degrees that would normally take 7 years to complete in just 6 years. Learn more here.

International Students: The Master of Landscape Architecture (M620) degree qualifies students on an F-1 visa to work in the U.S. for up to three years following graduation. Learn more here.

Shaping Our Environment

The Division of Landscape Architecture pushes students to think critically and creatively in addressing environmental issues related to human use of the land.  Student projects are rooted in the physiographic region of the Great Plains, the urban design context of metropolitan Oklahoma City, and smaller communities around the state. Graduates are expected to be versatile and ready to enter the landscape architecture profession in both public and private practice. We seek to imbue our students with a committed environmental ethic, strong design communication skills and an awareness of the changing resource constraints that confront designers in the 21st century.  Graduates will be aware of effective design and planning processes, appropriate project management at multiple scales and emergent areas of design and planning research.

Alumni Voices

“Looking back, the most valuable experiences were from the cross-discipline classes, studios, and collaborations… This was a valuable benefit because it mimics the professional setting I’m in today – collaborating across disciplines, learning from others, and working as a team.”

LA Alum, Shane FrieseShane Friese

Landscape Architect and Project Manager at Freese and Nichols, Inc.

“The professors within the program expanded my knowledge base in amazing ways. My training in horticulture gave way to larger ecological systems thinking. My practical experience was strengthened through rigorous technical training.”

LA Alum, Brent WallBrent Wall

Director of LAUD Studio: Landscape Architecture + Urban Design


Sarah Little

Acting Director | Associate Professor


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