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International Students: The Bachelor of Architecture (B044) and Master of Architecture (M046 and M047) degrees qualify students on an F-1 visa to work in the U.S. for up to three years following graduation. Learn more here.


Our design pedagogy is founded on a philosophy of Creating_Making, which is grounded in experiencing the tangible connection between the creative endeavor and the physical act of making. As such, we are committed to maintaining a foundation in the material practices of design, in promoting intellectual engagement with creative processes, in providing both alternative cultural and professional work experiences and in fostering intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary opportunities for collaboration. The philosophy of Creating_Making encourages diverse research, critical inquiry and informed experimentation dedicated to reinforcing our core beliefs: a commitment to fostering critical engagement, material aptitude, manual competence and most importantly an ethical commitment to the real, the tangible and the human capital that is architecture. Architecture is a Social Act.

Alumni Voices

“The faculty and staff are committed to helping students explore their own academic interests, supporting them through research and award applications, and helping them find financial aid and employment opportunities.”

Adelle York

Graduate Student at Harvard Graduate School of Design

“There is a culture of experimentation, no doubt a vestige of Bruce Goff, combined with a deep-seeded spirit of pragmatism … This tension is highly productive.”

Khoi Nguyen, Architecture AlumKhoi Nguyen

Partner at Future Projects


Dave Boeck

Associate Professor

Daniel Butko

Associate Director | Associate Professor

Marjorie CallahanMarjorie Callahan

Associate Director | Graduate Liaison | Professor

Sam Callahan

Lecturer of Architecture

Anthony Cricchio

Associate Professor | Curriculum Coordinator

Lee Fithian

Associate Professor

Felipe Flores

Instructor of Record | PhD Student

Amy Leveno

Assistant Professor

Ken Marold

Assistant Professor

Shooka Motamedi

Postdoctoral Researcher

Esin Pektas

Robert Wesley Teaching Fellow

Angela Person

Assistant Professor

Stephanie Pilat

Director | Professor

Marco Piscitelli

Herb Greene Teaching Fellow

Deborah RichardsDeborah Richards

Assistant Professor

Shideh Shadravan

Associate Professor

Xiaobo Quan

Violeta Autumn Teaching Fellow

Tamar Zinguer

Assistant Professor

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