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International Students: The Bachelor of Architecture (B044) and Master of Architecture (M046 and M047) degrees qualify students on an F-1 visa to work in the U.S. for up to three years following graduation. Learn more here.


The American School of Architecture cultivates designers known for balancing creativity and innovation with resourcefulness and pragmatism. Sensitive to the impacts of climate change, we draw lessons from Oklahoma’s cultural context and natural landscape. Our research and creative practices inspire students and faculty to work together to envision a future where communities are healthy, resilient, and just.

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Alumni Voices

“The faculty and staff are committed to helping students explore their own academic interests, supporting them through research and award applications, and helping them find financial aid and employment opportunities.”

Adelle York

Partner, Director of Design

Plural Architecture + Research

“There is a culture of experimentation, no doubt a vestige of Bruce Goff, combined with a deep-seeded spirit of pragmatism … This tension is highly productive.”

Khoi Nguyen, Architecture AlumKhoi Nguyen


Future Projects Architecture

Faculty & Staff

Dave Boeck

Associate Professor

Terri Bullard

Herb Greene Teaching Fellow

Daniel Butko

Director | Division of Architecture

Lee Fithian

Associate Professor

Felipe Flores

Instructor of Record | PhD Student

Ron Frantz

Associate Professor

Amy Leveno

Assistant Professor

Wanda Katja Liebermann

Assistant Professor | Associate Director

Christopher Loofs

Robert L. Wesley Teaching Fellow

Angela Person

Associate Dean for Research and External Engagement

Deborah Richards

Assistant Professor

Amber Sarmiento

Violeta Autumn Teaching Fellow

Shideh Shadravan

Associate Professor | Associate Director | Graduate Liaison

Leslie Spielman

Assistant to the Architecture Director

Andrew Stone

Adjunct Professor

Tamar Zinguer

Assistant Professor

Affiliate and Part-Time Faculty

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