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We imagine a future in which all communities are resilient and empowered to maximize their social, economic and environmental well-being. Our research in the areas of social and environmental equity; community health and housing; resilient planning, design and construction; and data and digital design supports this vision for the future and prepares our students to make life-long contributions in their fields.


We care deeply about constantly re-imagining great cities that support social and environmental equity. To accomplish this, our faculty explore important issues like rural food systems, racial disparities in homeownership, neighborhood revitalization, Main Street revitalization, historic preservation and providing children access to natural environments in urban areas.

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Urban Design

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Regional + City Planning

C. Aujean

Regional + City Planning


Landscape Architecture


Environmental Design


Regional + City Planning


Construction Science

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Regional + City Planning


Regional + City Planning

Students working on Design-Build Project

By exploring intersections between the built environment and community health and housing, we make a difference. Recent projects have looked at how residents understand hope in their communities, building beautiful, accessible housing for low-income residents, and integrating neuroscience into design.

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Interior Design


Construction Science


Construction Science



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Natalie EllisNatalie

Interior Design


Environmental Design




Environmental Design


Interior Design


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Urban Design


Landscape Architecture

Fears Lab--Concrete

Working at the leading edges of our disciplines, we are helping secure a resilient future for our built environments and communities. Whether engineering timber construction that withstands severe weather, designing new clips for solar panels, or responsive, sustainable facades, our faculty are dedicated to seeking solutions.

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Construction Science



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Landscape Architecture


Construction Science




We put data analytics and digital design practices to work, allowing for more efficient construction processes, more sustainable buildings, and designs that are responsive to users’ needs. Our faculty use computational design to produce solutions to complex problems, model acoustical environments, and explore and refine designs using virtual reality programs.

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Construction Science

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Interior Design

Tiziana ProiettiTiziana


Deborah RichardsDeborah


Herb Greene's Prairie House

Prairie House. Herb Greene.
Photo: Julius Shulman

The American School

The American School Project strives to document and share the development and impacts of the school of design and practice that developed at the University of Oklahoma in the 1950s and ’60s.

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Center for Middle Eastern Architecture and Culture

Center for Middle Eastern
Architecture and Culture

CMEAC seeks to advance knowledge of the Middle Eastern built environment and culture for its intellectual and academic values.

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Center for
Peace and Development

The CPD builds upon a legacy of collaborative partnerships between OU faulty and students and communities affected by conflict in northern Uganda.

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Institute for Quality Communities

The IQC is a forum for researchers, students and local leaders to collaborate in an effort to enhance Oklahoma communities through projects centered on placemaking and tactical urbanism.

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Dr. Damien Sojoyner (left) and Dr. Sabina Vaught (right) during "Contested Archives: Black Communal Strategies Against the Carceral State," held at the University of Oklahoma on Nov. 5, 2019.

Carceral Studies Consortium

The Carceral Studies Consortium brings together faculty, staff and students across colleges at the University of Oklahoma to cultivate rigorous scholarship and community engagement toward social transformation in the broad area of Carceral Studies.

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The Creating_Making Forum

Since 2010, the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture has hosted two scholarly conferences on the theme of Creating_Making. Scholars from all over the U.S. and abroad gathered to address interdisciplinary, contemporary and historical issues of creating and making. The next Creating_Making Forum will take place in Spring 2020, and will explore creating_making pedagogies in conjunction with the 2020 American School exhibition at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. To request more information about the Creating_Making Forum, contact Angela Person (

2010 Creating_Making Forum

The 2010 Creating/Making Forum was held in conjunction with the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art’s “Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind” exhibition and featured peer-reviewed paper sessions titled: Design Education and Tacit Knowledge; Digital Creating and Making; Community Engagement; The Found Object; Innovation, Interdisciplinarity and the Environment; Interpreting Architecture; and History Reframed, as well as a juried poster session. Keynote speakers at the 2010 Forum were Sheila Kennedy, Craig Borum, and Marlon Blackwell. To view the conference proceedings, click here (PDF).

2014 Creating_Making Forum

The 2014 Creating/Making Forum featured peer-reviewed  paper sessions titled: Do the Tools Matter; Lessons From Home; Fabricating Political Capital; Working  Within Others’ Walls; Defining the Dash; Mid-Century Modern and the Landscape; Sourcing Creativity; and Towards a New Studio Environment, as well as a juried poster session. Keynote speakers at the 2010 Forum were Hans ButzerRobert Fishman, Andrew Freear, E.B. Min, and Kirsten Murray, and Min and Murray led a student workshop as part of the 2014 Forum. To view the full conference proceedings, click here (PDF).

Recent Publications


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