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Maker Spaces


The Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture occupies Gould Hall, a state-of-the-art $33 million facility, made possible in large part by the college’s generous donors. Our students, faculty and staff have access to high-quality “Maker Spaces” for experimenting with materials and testing their designs. These maker spaces are more than typical facilities; each space provides an opportunity for collaboration, growth and discovery.

Although Gould Hall is our home, the College has several additional Maker Spaces, including its 7,000+ sf Creating_Making Lab . More Maker Space information can be found below.

Click below to take 3D tours of our facilities and learn more about our specialized labs and equipment.


Architecture Library

The College of Architecture has its own branch of the main university library system. The architecture library contains two special collections. One of these, the Orville S. Witt Collection, is a gathering of books on the subjects of the History of Architecture, Bruce Goff, Mendall Glickman, and Frank Lloyd Wright and includes an oversized book section. In 2002, approximately 350 blueprints and drawings were donated to the Architecture Branch Library. These materials include buildings in Norman as well as buildings by such architects as Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff.

For more information about the College’s library click here

BIM / Vizualization

OU’s BIM/VIZ laboratory is located in the lower level of Gould Hall and features a 100-inch HD screen, 3-D glasses, and headgear. Learn more

Contact Tammy McCuen ( for more info.

Computer Lab

Students are required to come into the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture with laptops, but the college also houses a computer lab in Gould Hall. The computer lab has fourty-three high-powered workstations with dual monitors. Some classes are taught in the computer lab, but they are otherwise available to students 24/7. There are also twenty-seven additional lab computers distributed throughout Gould Hall, often located in division studios.

Creating_Making Lab

Located just a few blocks from campus, the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture’s Creating_Making Lab is a 7,000+ sf lab for students, faculty and staff in the college.

More Info

Digital Making Lab

The Digital Making Lab provides students with an on-campus facility for Creating_Making. The lab contains lasers and woodworking tools and is located in Room 206 of Gould Hall. Sign up for laser cutting training here.

Innovation @ the Edge

Innovation @ the Edge is a flexible experimentation and innovation space that provides access to the latest tools used in research, instruction and knowledge creation, including 3D printing tools, custom virtual reality workstations, software and data skill development and microelectronics kits. Any member of the OU community, from any field, is free to prototype concepts or fly-through 3D data sets in this centrally located makerspace in the Bizzell Memorial Library in room 126. Learn more

Tom Love Innovation Hub

The Tom Love Innovation Hub is open to all OU students, and features a fabrication lab, code lab, visualization lab, legal clinic, collaborative spaces and a cafe! Learn more at

Urban Design Studio

Urban Design students have access to additional facilities on OU’s Tulsa campus. More information can be found on the OU-Tulsa website.


Architecture Laptop Program

Laptop Policy 2020-2021 (PDF)

Computers now are an integral tool to every professional and provide assistance with a myriad of everyday tasks including communication, advanced study and analysis tools.

We strive to become a national leader in technology. Prior to the implementation of the laptop policy, over 85% of our students enter the college with computers. This policy’s goal is to increase the availability of this essential technology to every student.

In addition, over 50% of the colleges in the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture have laptop policies that start with first year students.

Today’s students need a laptop as an integral tool to their learning experience and will utilize the laptop even if they change majors.

As a requirement of the College, the laptop can be included in available financial aid and loan programs.

Laptop Requirement

Laptops are required for all undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Architecture at the beginning of their first year. Software requirements vary by division (see below).

Support Infrastructure

Information Technology and the College of Architecture have partnered to provide a support infrastructure for the laptop policy. This includes wireless coverage, repair services and network file storage.

Wireless: The College of Architecture (Gould Hall) has wireless coverage throughout. To connect, simply choose the network called “OUWIFI”. If you need assistance with connecting to wireless, please call 405-325-HELP.

Available Software and Storage Solutions: The University offers Office 365 free for all students. Installer can be found at Students also have access to 1TB of storage space through OneDrive. This drive can be accessed through the portal website. For more information regarding available resources please call 405-325-HELP or

Repair Services: The nearest IT Service Centers is available at OU Bizzell Library basement LL1, provides College of Architecture students support for all their computing needs. The IT Service Center is a Dell and Apple certified warranty repair center, but repairs all brands of computers. This service is free of charge, but students must pay for any parts or additional software required. There are also three other IT Service Centers on campus, located in the Engineering Laboratory room 201, One U (Located at theUnion) and Couch Practice Center room W146. All Service Centers are open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

Network Storage: Network storage space is provided for students to store homework, project or other files. This space is automatically mapped as U:\ in the College of Architecture computer labs. For assistance connecting to the U:\ drive from home or wireless, contact the IT Service Desk at 325-HELP, visit EL 2nd Floor Service Center or log on to All students receive 5 GB of storage.


Financial Aid Help: To help aid in the purchase of a new laptop, students may apply for the Robert B. Lewis Computer Loan.

Students can also get up to a 12% discount by purchasing a Dell laptop at or


Minimum Laptop Functional Requirement

1. Ability to send and receive email including attachments

2. Ability to browse the network and download files

3. Ability to protect against network and e-mail based viruses/worms (anti-virus applications, personal firewalls, etc.). The University provided Dell Data Protection for all OU faculty, staff and students. It is available for download at

Recommended system *

*     Additional specifications for each division below.

We recommend PC as the primary platform for work in the college. For those choosing to use a MAC, students will be required to run Windows 7 or later platform in order for software required in respective departments to be available for use in class. Students are responsible for finding the best method to install Windows on non-PC computers.

Students should expect to allocate at least 100GB of space to Windows on a Mac.

The OU IT Store and the One U Store offers computers for purchase. Options are also available through the website at

MSDN Academic Alliance

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance


The College of Architecture partners with the Microsoft Developer Network to provide Architecture students, faculty, and staff with access to a wide range of Microsoft products for download and installation to labs and personal computers for

The goal of the MSDN Academic Alliance is:

  • To make it easier and less expensive for academic institutions to obtain Microsoft developer tools, platforms, and servers for instructional and research purposes.
  • To build a community of instructors who can share curriculum and other learning resources to support the use of these technologies.



Students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled in the program after the first week of the semester.  Log-in information is sent to new students through e-mail when they are added to the program.  The e-mail provides a link and a password to access the site.  Your e-mail address serves as your username.

Sometimes the email can end up in your junk mail folder or can possibly be deleted depending on your junk mail settings. If you did not receive the email, please go to the password reset page and enter your email address. A new password should be sent to you shortly.

The Software Center is available  here.  You can get support for the MSDNAA program by sending an e-mail to or in person at the Gould Hall Service Center.

Additional general information about the MSDN Academic Alliance program can be found at

IT Service Centers

Information Technology currently provides four Service Centers where students, faculty, and staff can get walk up support for University-owned and personal machines.  These facilities provide walk-up technical support, computer repair services, hardware installation and upgrades, software installation, and virus removal.

Gould Hall B10

This service center is located within the newly renovated Gould Hall. Conveniently located across from the Asp parking garage and by the computer labs and print room within the College of Architecture.

The Service Desk is open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM and provides support for the personal computers and OU accounts of College of Architecture Faculty, Staff and Students.

  • The Service Desk can assist with software installations, operating system upgrades or with malware removal.
  • Our technicians can also assist with hardware upgrades, replacement and covered warranty work.
  • If you are having trouble with an OU site or system, the Service Desk can also provide assistance. This includes such things as D2L help, Exchange mail setup or account management.


The primary IT Service Center for the College of Engineering is located in the Information Commons.  Located in the state of the art Engineering Practice Facility this Service Center specializes in issues related to the College of Engineering and is open Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm.

EL 201

A third IT Service Center is located on the second floor of the Engineering Lab.  Located at the corner of Asp and Felgar, this Service Center is conveniently located with ample access to metered and permit parking.  Hours of operation are 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday.


A fourth IT Service Center is located in the west wing of the first floor of the Couch dorm in room W146. Hours of operation are 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday.

Print to College Printers From Laptop

OU IT has made it possible to print to the

  • COA lab printers. The names of the printers are:
  • Bond Plotter in room B5: COA_B5-BOND
  • Gloss Plotter in room B5: COA_B5-GLOSS
  • B/W Printer in B5: COA_B5-BW
  • Color Printer in B5: COA_B5-CLR
  • Bond Plotter in room 350: COA_350-BOND