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Student Work


Select examples of student work can be found below. Additional examples are present on the Oculus Blog.

“My experience in Architecture has stimulated my aspiration to help people and communities through my designs. I have learned to put other people first and use critical thinking in order to solve problems that are affecting our society.”

– Orestja Habilaj, M.Arch Student

Architecture student project
Tulsa Wetlands Business District. Rendering courtesy of Jacob Stinson.

“The Division of Architecture has been exceptionally open to new ideas, even when they don’t follow precedent. I feel this adaptability is a quality lacking in other architecture programs.”

Emily Hays, M.Arch Student

“One of the Division of Architecture’s most important attributes is its aim to provide students the opportunity to develop personal yet disciplined design. An environment without a fixed aesthetic or design approach is made possible by the faculty’s varied backgrounds and interests.”

– Ben DeCuyper, B.Arch Student

Architecture student project
Firas Chamas
Architecture student project
Mandy Boccio
Architecture student project
Jacob Stinson
Architecture student project
Nima Ferdosi

“Architectural education at OU develops a design skill-set based on iterative experimentation. Through rapid, open-minded developments, projects begin to come alive right in front of you.”

– Noah Baker, B.Arch Student

“I wanted to take this class to have the opportunity to give back to the community  … This is a great experience because there are people learning and teaching across a variety of construction backgrounds.”  

–Asael Herrera, CNS Student

Award-winning students
Gibbs CoA student team places third in the Design-Build Institute of America's 2017 National Competition.

“I was originally interested in construction science because it’s a mix of technical work and working with people. I really enjoy having a lot of one-on-one relationships with people; it’s one of my favorite parts of the construction industry!”

– Dennise Pedroza, CNS Student

“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made … I come to school eager to learn and ready to go out into the industry to make my mark.”

– Ryan Lopez, CNS Student

Meet OU Construction Science student Ryan Lopez

Award-winning students
Construction Science team takes top honors in 2018 TEXO/ASC Region 5 student competition.

“I can’t see myself doing anything else … I get to build relationships with people from different trades and with owners. It’s so active.”

– Hannah Lang, CNS Student

“By curating an educational curriculum which cultivates a multidisciplinary perspective on the built environment, this program allows me to have informed conversations about everything from interior design to architecture, from landscape architecture to city planning.”

– Jacob Lange, EnD Student

“A lot of the classes I took dealt with real-world scenarios. Learning what is required of you outside of college is tough, but now I understand the logistics of what goes on in an environmental design, construction, city planning, and landscape architecture profession.”

– Armani Frye, EnD Student

Bruce Goff's Frank House
A group of fourteen students developed a report on the restoration of Bruce Goff's Frank House.
Chickasaw National Recreation Area
Chickasaw National Recreation Area
Altus Reservoir
Altus Reservoir

“I want my work to provide an escape from the daily stresses of our modern lives and allow people to re-center themselves around the things most important to them.”

– Bethany Grissom, EnD Student

“For students considering majoring in this field I would tell them that, ‘If this is your passion, just jump in, learn, be curious, explore and grow.'”

– Thant Aung, EnD Student

Environmental Design Students
Sundial House
Environmental Design Students
Frank House

“Interior design has helped me develop perseverance and find my own artistic passions. I feel more confident in my ability to work for better solutions and to use my creativity to express who I am as a designer and person.”

– Jill Young, ID Student

Interior Design Student Project
A portion of Bachelor of Interior Design student Emma Smith's proposed Boston Marathon Memorial.

“My program has allowed me to … understand how to enhance and better a person’s experience within a space. Not only have I learned to create innovative and sustainable spaces, but also how to design intriguing and unique elements for these interiors.”

– Emma Smith, ID Student

“Studying interior design is extremely hands-on and gives me many opportunities to showcase my creativity and work. Being able to see my ideas, concepts, and designs come to life is truly amazing and rewarding.”

– Ryan McNitt, ID Student

Interior Design Project
Ryan McNitt, Furniture Design
Interior Design Project
Lydia Lane

“I was told before enrolling in my first semester of interior design to expect a lot of sleepless nights … I expected to put in a lot of work but I did not expect to be so passionate and excited to finish my projects, and to finish them well.”

– Kelsey Stuever, ID Student

Interior Design Project
Hannah Leslie
Interior Design Project
Avery Smith

Landscape Architecture students build OKC Marathon course topography model.

“The focus here is always on how to excel, not just be competent. Just getting the job done is not enough; my professors always push me to think further and challenge me to go beyond what I think I am capable of achieving.”

– Haley Powell, MLA Student

“I love to work with nature and use nature as the base to develop the community.”

– Minh Nguyen, MLA Student

Landscape Architecture Project
Year 1
Landscape Architecture Project
Year 2

This is one of the first projects where we get to work with a community or experts within that community… I’m literally working with child development experts and we’re combining their existing knowledge with our existing knowledge of space and plant material.”

– Brett Karp, MLA Student

“The first year of coursework was fairly intense, but by having courses like site issues, computer programs, plant ID/design, etc. I was able to compete with student from other schools and obtain an internship my first and second year.”

– Kim White, MLA Student

Landscape Architecture Project
Zoo site design by Year 3 student Alex Tyler. Click for more Year 3 student work.

“I love the professors. They have a lot of patience and offer a lot of support to us. They really do care about what we do after we graduate … They put in a lot of effort to make sure we succeed.”

Daisy Muñoz,
RCPL Student

Regional and City Planning
RCPL students present concepts for the Goldsby 2036 Comprehensive Plan.

“My advice is to think big. In this program, all the students have a wide variety of resources… all the tools needed to make an idea or project successful are available. If a prospective student comes with an idea in mind to develop, this is the right place.”

– David A. Bacca Campillo,
RCPL Student

“The professors in my department are constantly looking out for career opportunities for the students and pushing us to do better for ourselves, such as attending state and national level conferences.”

– Becca Patrick, RCPL Student

Radiant City Model Activity
Garden City Model Activity

RCPL Students model conceptual “radiant” and “garden” cities.

“The Regional and City Planning program trains me everyday to put everyone into consideration when planning our cities and make the best decisions possible that help preserve nature, animal species and us.”

– Folasayo Salami, RCPL Student

Walkability Assessment
Walkability Assessment

Students study walkability and ADA accessibility in Oklahoma City.

Students worked with Tulsa's Urban Core Art Project, which brought sculpture to Chapman Green Park.

“The Urban Design master’s program at OU Tulsa offers an individualized curriculum and firsthand experience with urban planning projects… We addressed real-time urban planning challenges and opportunities, while engaging with those on the forefront of discovering and implementing solutions to move Tulsa forward.”

– Sarah Gould, UD Alum
KKT Architects Owner

As a female of color, designer, professional and parent, I always felt welcome, human, and as if my contributions and experiences mattered. As a result, my knowledge base, professional network, and marketability has expanded exponentially. 

– Autumn Tiller, UD Student


UD Students created a new vision for Tulsa’s B.S. Roberts Park.

Alumni Paulina Baeza's "International Plaza" project was recently awarded grant funding.

“It does not matter what component of the city you are working with, you will always return to the basic principles of urban design, which rely heavily on community engagement and observational research.”

-Katie Wing, UD Student

“Attending the OU Urban Design Studio in Tulsa allowed me the ability to pursue a master’s degree in Architectural Urban Studies while working full-time. With its strong relationships with the City and other local organizations, I was able to gain hands-on experience working on community-based projects that had a lasting impact, while making valuable connections in my professional field.”

– Daniel Sperle, UD Alum
Executive Director, Tulsa Bike Share

Amanda Yamaguchi
Nathan Foster