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Lecture Series Archive


Each semester, Gibbs College hosts lectures from practitioners and scholars working at the cutting edges of our allied disciplines. Through inspiring lectures from the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Samuel Mockbee, Rick Lowe, Beatriz Colomina, Steven Lewis, Odile Decq, Toni Griffin, and dozens of others, Gibbs College has built its rich legacy of bringing students into conversation with leading voices from the U.S. and beyond.
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Placemaking Conference (2019, 2017, 2015, 2013)

Schools of Thought Conference (2020)

Featured Lectures

FALL 2022

Kuhlman Lecture: Unlocking the DNA of Healthy Housing and Equitable Neighborhoods


Dr. Andrew Greenlee shared his research on neighborhood mobility, inequities, and health outcomes.

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Resilient Futures Symposium


Interdisciplinary symposium speakers discussed the latest research and approaches to answering critical questions about climate change, migration, and habitation.

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Lecture: Designing with Tribes


Cheryl Lockstone and Barrett Williamson discussed the inclusion of the Native American Community in a culturally-based design process.

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FALL 2021

Lecture: Accessibility and Opportunity for All


Dr. Joel Mendez discussed transit service areas, impacts on employment, and implications for economic and social justice.

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Lecture: Rice Affordable Housing Lab


Jesús Vassallo lectured about the Affordable Housing Laboratory at Rice University.

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Lecture: Sewers and Social Justice


Dr. Miriam Solis presented the talk “Sewers & Social Justice: Racial Equity & Climate Change Implications of Wastewater Planning in the United States.”

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Lecture: Italianità: The Modern Movement on the Search of National Identity


Beatrice Bruscoli lectured on Italian architecture with its importance to the Italian national identity.

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Lecture: Rome: Recycled & Reiterated


Scott Schlimgen lectured on how Rome has recycled its material past through its architecture.

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Lecture: What is Decolonial Architectural History?


Dr. Osayimwese presented a discussion on postcolonialism, decolonialism, and decolonial architectural history.

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Lecture: Design and the Green New Deal


Billy Fleming discussed design and the Green New Deal.

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Lecture Series: Latin American Architecture & Urban Development Systems


Eight speakers from diverse Latin American regions reviewed the urban and architectural culture of their native country.

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Lecture: Architecture in the Age of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)


Steven Lewis discussed black architects’ journey towards Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Architecture.

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Lecture: Environmental Justice Opportunities & Brownfield Redevelopment


Madison Swayne described the history, distribution and best practices for redevelopment of Brownfield sites in the United States.

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Lecture: Jennifer Rittler, AIA, of Moody Nolan


Jennifer Rittler discussed the inclusion of minority and women designers and diversity within Moody Nolan.

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FALL 2020

Lecture: A Building Is Not Architecture: On Stewardship and Agency in the Built Environment


Irene Hwang examines the impact of architectural thinking and making upon society.

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Lecture: Engaging the Lyrical Geometry of Bruce Goff's Ford Residence


Luftwerk presented “Music, Light, and Architecture,” produced for Bruce Goff’s Ford Residence in Aurora, Illinois, among other projects.

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Lecture: Safer During COVID-19


This discussion explored the topic of “Safer During COVID-19: Ventilation, Technology and the Need for Resilience in Future Buildings.”

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Lecture: Shadow Suburbanism: Mexican Settlement, Immigration Enforcement, and Housing Form in the New South


Dr. John Arroyo shared his research on immigration surveillance and culturally centered residential built environments.

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Schools of Thought Conference


The Schools of Thought symposium brought together scholars, architects, and designers to explore questions about how we teach design.

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Lecture: Beatriz Colomina


Beatriz Colomina’s work focuses on today’s questions of how architecture, art, technology, sexuality and media fit together.

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American School Symposium


American School architects, including Herb Greene and Christopher Mead, headlined at the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture’s “The American School Symposium.”

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2019 Placemaking Conference


The Placemaking Conference was hosted by the Institute for Quality Communities and featured leading experts on economic development, healthy communities, city planning and governance, and more.

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Lecture Series: NE OKC Storytelling Project


BlackSpace Oklahoma introduced their organization and initiatives with the lecture series: ​NE OKC Storytelling Project. 

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FALL 2018

Neuroscience, Beauty and Design Symposium


Dr. Lydia Soo, Dr. Tiziana Proietti, and Mr. Don Ruggles discussed architectural history and theory and emerging understandings of geometry, proportion, neuroscience and well-being.

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Historic Lectures

Samuel Mockbee

October 11, 1995

Bruce Goff and Bill Wilson

December 9, 1981

Frank Lloyd Wright


Lecture Archive

*Lecture made possible with support from the Bruce Goff Chair for Creative Architecture

** IQC Placemaking Conference lecture


Andrew Greenlee



Saskia Sassen*

Traci Rose Rider*

Jesús Vassallo*

Matteo Jean Pietrobelli*

Adedoyin Teriba*

Resilient Futures Symposium*

Karen Kubey*

C. Greig Crysler*

Shiloh Krupar*

Cheryl Lockstone and Barrett Williamson of Anishinabe Design*

Joel Mendez

Jesús Vassallo*

Miriam Solis



Beatrice Bruscoli*

Scott Schlimgen*

Itohan Osayimwese*

Billy Fleming*

Latin American Architecture & Urban Development Systems*

Steven Lewis*

Madison Swayne*

Jennifer Rittler*

Irene Hwang*


Safer During COVID-19



John Arroyo

Schools of Thought Conference*

Beatriz Colomina*

American School Symposium*

2019 Placemaking Conference

BlackSpace Oklahoma

Allison Bailey**

Jill Brown DeLozier**

Mick Cornett**

Laura Hoagland**

Rick Lowe * **

Elena Madison**

Lauren Nitschke**

Kennedy Smith**

Dylan Thuras**

Kelly Tompkins**



Vernice Miller-Travis*

Richard Farley, FAIA*

Rick Lowe* 

Paul Mankins (RTA Lecture)


2017-2018: Architects of the American School, Part 1 

Donald MacDonald, FAIA* 

Eddie Jones* 

Brian Phillips, FAIA* 

Mayor Jim Brainard**

Victor Dover**

Toni Griffin**

Patrick Kennedy**

Fred Kent**

Mike Lydon**

Susan Silberberg**

Marcus Westbury**

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