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Telesis (ˈte-lə-səs) is an award-winning journal produced by students at the Gibbs College of Architecture. The first instance of the journal was published in the 1970s, when it was produced by OU students for several years before being discontinued. During the 2018-2019 school year, students from Gibbs College worked to revive Telesis under the theme of “Design Against” (2019). Since then, four more issues have been published, including “Metamedia” (2020), “Isolation” (2021), “Habitation” (2022) and “Adaptive Practice” (2023).

Telesis has earned the following awards and honors since 2019:


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Adaptive Practice (2023)

Habitation (2022)

Isolation (2021)

Metamedia (2020)

Design Against (2019)


Five editions of Telesis are available for purchase: “Adaptive Practice” (2023), “Habitation” (2022), “Isolation” (2021), “Metamedia” (2020), and “Design Against” (2019).

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All proceeds benefit the Telesis student organization. The Telesis student organization can be reached at