Dean's Message - Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture

Dean’s Message


Dear Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture Community:

Our College is committed to developing new knowledge and training high-performing industry professionals to design resilient communities. Our research, teaching, and service are grounded in our core values: contextual, resourceful, and entrepreneurial practice. We imagine a future in which all communities are resilient and empowered to maximize their social, economic and environmental well-being.

We challenge our students to learn by doing, to put their knowledge to the test by serving communities around the world. Our Gibbs News Channel offers highlights from our students’ work and impact within and beyond our College environs. The range of projects, from Muskogee, Oklahoma, to Italy and Uganda, is a testament to our students’ abilities and ambitions. It is also an indicator of our faculty and staff team’s commitment to providing ideal and inspired learning environments for our students to practice our mantra: Design in Action.

Our students learn best by doing, collaboratively more often than not. This approach makes visceral the power of engagement, of design in action, whether with our professional or lay communities. They operate locally and globally, developing confidence in themselves and a commitment to others. A survey of our recent graduates and alumni proves these outreach experiences during their time in Norman continue to shape their lives and careers.

On behalf of all students, faculty and staff of The University of Oklahoma College of Architecture, I affirm our commitment to engaged learning with our students. Together, we will build the foundations for stronger and more resilient communities wherever we may be needed!


Hans Butzer

Hans E. Butzer, AIA, LEED AP
Dean, Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture
The University of Oklahoma