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Landscape Architecture Degree Requirements



First Professional Degree Curriculum (M620) | Degree Requirements| Degree Plan (PDF)

The First Professional Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree is for students who do not have a previous professional degree in landscape architecture and who may come from fields as diverse as English literature, drama, wildlife management, or nursing. The M620 program is accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB). The OU MLA program is the only fully accredited graduate degree program in landscape architecture in the state of Oklahoma.

Graduate Hours Required: For those entering the program with a degree outside of the design fields, this program will take six semesters and a minimum of 62 credit hours to complete as a full-time student. For those entering the program with an undergraduate or professional degree in architecture or a pre-professional degree in landscape architecture, please contact the Graduate Liaison. Equivalent coursework will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


Post-Professional Degree (M621) | Degree Requirements

The Post-Professional Master of Landscape Architecture is only for students who have completed an accredited professional degree in landscape architecture and desire a design or research focus in a specialized area.

This post-professional degree allows students to examine advanced ideas, innovative techniques, and other issues relevant to the field of landscape architecture in an in-depth manner. The unique multi-disciplinary opportunities available across campus for this focus include architecture, regional and city planning, geography, geosciences, botany, environmental science, health and sports sciences, human relations, management and public administration, and fine arts.

Students entering this option must have an accredited, undergraduate, first professional degree in landscape architecture from a North American university. On a case by case basis, depending upon review of transcripts and portfolio by the Program Director and the Graduate Liaison, the student may be required to take courses which may not have been offered as part of the undergraduate professional degree or to take courses in which content was covered in the undergraduate degree but for which corresponding grades and/or portfolio reveal weaknesses.

Specific objectives of the post-professional degree are to produce graduates who:

  • possess advanced theoretical and conceptual knowledge and insight in the field of landscape architecture;
  • possess an in-depth facility with the body of literature significant to landscape architecture;
  • possess a specialization relevant to student interests, the needs of society, and the needs of the profession.


Graduate Hours Required: For the majority of students in this program option, 47 credit hours will be required. Under special circumstances, the student may petition to be released from up to two studios. The petition process must be accompanied by a formal presentation of work and portfolio to the Division Director and the Graduate Liaison as well as a written statement of professional and program goals.


Master of Landscape Architectural Studies (M622)| Degree Requirements

In addition to the accredited MLA degree, the Division also offers a 2-year, non-accredited Master of Landscape Architectural Studies. While the two-year degree does not allow students to pursue landscape architectural licensure in the United States, it does allow students to earn a graduate degree that is focused on the ability to think critically and creatively when addressing environmental issues throughout the world. This two-year degree is open to students from all over the world with undergraduate degrees in landscape architecture or related areas. The two-year degree has a focused curriculum (only 47 credits) that allows allow for flexibility with courses. Additionally, a required internship is part of the curriculum which allows students (especially international students) to work off-campus during the time between semesters. Contact Leehu Loon for more information.

Graduate Hours Required: The two-year Master of Landscape Architectural Studies requires a minimum of 47 credits.


Admissions Requirements

Students possessing an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture can earn the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA II) in two years (four semesters). Students without a background in landscape architecture and /or design can earn the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA I) in three years (six semesters).

Each student is individually advised on the courses he or she must take to earn the MLA degree.

To be admitted to the Landscape Architecture program, a student must first be admitted to the Graduate College of the University of Oklahoma (OU). The following materials are required for admission and can be submitted directly to OU through the online application website:

  1. Grade point average conforming to the Graduate College requirement. (Minimum 3.00 on a 4.00 scale for the last 60 hours of undergraduate studies.)
  2. Three letters of recommendation.
  3. A two-page letter of interest detailing the applicant’s interest in pursuing the Master of Landscape Architecture.

GPA Requirement: All students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 in order to remain in good standing and to fulfill the requirements of this degree.

Optional Portfolio: Students may submit a portfolio of creative work (design, photography, writing, etc.) however a portfolio is not required.

GRE: The OU MLA program does not require the GRE.

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Admission Information

For additional information about admission or questions about the Division of Landscape Architecture, contact Leehu Loon, Director of Landscape Architecture and Graduate Liaison.


US Citizens and Permanent Residents

Application information for US Citizens and Permanent Residents can be found here.


International Students

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