Reyes - Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture


Dr. Matthew D. Reyes


University of Oklahoma
PhD, Educational Psychology, Emphasis in Instructional Psychology and Technology

Texas A&M University
MS, Construction Management

Texas A&M University
BA, Spanish, Supporting Emphasis in Business Administration

Research Interests

Construction Safety Management and Training, The Latino Workforce in the Construction Industry, Gaming and Other Novel Instructional Interventions

Professional Credentials

OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer. (August 2014-Present).

Certified Professional Constructor, American Institute of Constructors. (November 2013-Present).

Member, American Educational Research Association. (2015-Present).

Member, American Society of Safety Professionals (2015-Present).

Member, Associated General Contractors. (2012-Present).


Regional Teaching Award, Associated Schools of Construction, Region V. (April 7, 2017)

2015 Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, National Association of Home Builders. (January 20, 2016).

Outstanding Researcher, College of Architecture. (September 23, 2016).

Selected Publications

Farrow, C. B. & Reyes, M. (2022). “Land-grant university strategic plans: Are university-level service-learning goals aligned with construction programs’ goals?” International Journal of Construction Education and Research, 18(4), 333-351.

Reyes, M., Ghosh, S., Mohammed, S. (2022). “Efficacies of different modes of disseminating construction safety training.” Associated Schools of Construction 2022 conference proceedings, 3, 65-73.

Reyes, M., & Johnston, J. (2018). Fostering transformative experiences for construction students: Gamifying a surveying course. Associated Schools of Construction 2018 conference proceedings.

Ghosh, S. & Reyes, M. (2017). Production planning using location based management and ‘takt’ time: A postmortem and premortem. Associated Schools of Construction 2017 conference proceedings.

Shadravan, S., Reyes, M. D., Butko, D. J., Holliday, L. M., Hines, K. R., Huizar, J. “Sustainability of Compressed Earth Block Construction: Comparative Analysis of Compressed Stabilized Earth Block and Traditional Wood Framed Single Family Residences.” AEI ASCE, pp. 368–374.

Holliday, L. M., Ramseyer, C., Reyes, M. D., Butko, D. J. (2016). “Building with Compressed Earth Block within the Building Code.” ASCE Journal of Architectural Engineering, Vol.22, No. 30, 04016007-1 – 04016007-13.

Butko, D., Holliday, L., Reyes, M., Birney, J., Randorff, J. (2015). “Comparing the acoustical nature of a compressed earth block (CEB) residence to a traditional wood framed residence.” Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 22, No. 1, 1-19.

Featured Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Reyes, M. (PI), & Ghosh, S. (Co-PI). Accelerated Bridge Construction – University Transportation Center, FIU, 2022. Adoption and Implementation of Project Management Plans (PMPs) for ABC Projects: Benefits and Challenges. $39,845.

Reyes, M. (PI), & Ghosh, S. (Co-PI) Accelerated Bridge Construction – University Transportation Center, FIU, 2021. Project Management Plans to Support Successful Delivery of Accelerated Bridge Construction Projects. $29,982.

Perrenoud, A. (PI), Reyes, M. (Co-PI), & Bigelow, B. (Co-PI) ELECTRI International Research Grant, 2020. Electrical Management Training (EMT) Videos Phase 2. $90,200.

Ghosh, S. (Co-PI) & Reyes, M. (Co-PI). The TEXO Education and Research Foundation Construction Department Grant, 2019. Construction Fall Hazard: Strategic Intervention & Dissemination. $5,000. (Funded)

Perrenoud, A. (PI), Reyes, M. (Co-PI), & Bigelow, B. (Co-PI) ELECTRI International Research Grant. Electrical Construction Management Training. $44,954. (Funded)

Holliday, L. M. (Principal Investigator), Graham, C. (Co-Principal Investigator), Reyes, M. D. (Co-Principal Investigator), Williams, S. B. (Co-Principal Investigator), Butko, D. J. (Co-Principal Investigator), “Comparing the Sustainability of a Compressed Earth Block House to a Conventionally Framed House Built to National Green Building Standards,” Sponsored by Environmental Protection Agency, Federal. (August 15, 2012-February 15, 2015).