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Dr. Tiziana Proietti


Tiziana Proietti (Rome, 1983) is an architect and Ph.D. in Architectural Design. She gained her doctorate at the Department of Architecture DiAP of the University of Rome Sapienza in 2013, where she worked as teaching assistant from 2008 to 2012. She conducted her Ph.D. studies in collaboration with the University of Technology TUDelft in the Netherlands, where she was hosted as visiting researcher from 2011 to 2013. Her Ph.D. dissertation investigated the use of proportion in architecture through the work and theory of Dutch architect Hans van der Laan.

Tiziana Proietti published several articles and books about proportion in architecture. In particular she is the author of Concinnitas. Principi estetici nell’opera di Leon Battista Alberti (Nuova Cultura, 2010) and Ordine e Proporzione. Dom Hans van der Laan e l’espressività dello spazio architettonico (Quodlibet, 2015). She is currently carrying on a research on the cognitive value of proportion by connecting neuroscience and architecture.

Tiziana Proietti is member of the design studio based in Amsterdam Satyendra Pakhalé Associates since 2013, professor at the Institute of European Design in Rome since 2015, curator of design and architectural exhibitions, and her area of knowledge and interest spans history and theory of architecture and industrial design, theory of proportion, phenomenology, anthropology of senses, neuroaesthetics and sensorial design.

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