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Dr. Angela M. Person

Angela Person


University of Oklahoma
Ph.D., Geography

MA, Museum Studies

BS, Environmental Design, Minor in Geology


Dr. Angela M. Person is Director of Research Initiatives and Strategic Planning for the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma and lecturer in the OU Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability. In her role as Director of Research, she supports the Gibbs College in leveraging its resources to drive development of thoughtful, sustainable and experiential solutions to the design problems of the future. She also serves as Diversity Liaison for Gibbs College.

Dr. Person’s research looks at relationships between social and material conditions and individual, community, and public identities. She teaches courses in architectural theory and criticism, architectural methods, environment and society relationships, political geography and human geography. Person earned her PhD from the University of Oklahoma, while studying in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability. She also has a background in museum studies (MA), environmental design (BS), and geology (minor). In her free time, she enjoys designing furniture and interiors with her friend and D-Plei Design partner, Luisa.

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Selected Publications

Books (Peer-Reviewed)

Micieli-Voutsinas, J. and A. Person, eds. (2020.) Affective Architectures: More-Than-Representational Geographies of Heritage. Routledge “Critical Studies in Heritage, Emotion and Affect” series. (Link)

Pilat, S., L. Guido, and A. Person, eds. (2020.) The American School of Architecture: Building on the Plains. Norman, OK: The University of Oklahoma Press. 2020. (Link) *Winner of the 2021 Oklahoma Book Award for Design and Finalist for the College Arts Association’s Barr Jr. Book Award

Person, A. and J. Cooper. (2014.) The Care and Keeping of Cultural Institutions: A best practice guidebook for museum facility management. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. (Link) *Winner of the 2015 IFMA “Distinguished Author Award”


Articles and Proceedings (Peer-Reviewed)

Johnson, V., K. Klockow-McClain, R. Peppler, A. Person. 2021. “Tornado Climatology and Risk Perception in Central Oklahoma.” Weather, Climate and Society. Published May 6, 2021 online. (Link)

Wade, M., R. Peppler, A. Person (2021). “Community Education and Perceptions of Water Reuse: A Case Study in Norman, Oklahoma.” Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. Published February 19, 2021 online. (Link)

Merkel, S., A. Person, R. Peppler, S. Melcher (2020). “Climate Change Communication: Examining the Social and Cognitive Barriers to Productive Environmental Communication.” Social Science Quarterly. Published July 15, 2020 online. (Link)

Person, A. (2019.) “Reading Pre-Statehood Muskogee: Racial-Political Discourse in American Indian, African American, and White Newspapers, 1905-1907.” Chronicles of Oklahoma, a peer-reviewed journal published by the Oklahoma Historical Society (91) 4. (Link)

Person, A. (2016.) “Interview with Hans Butzer and Torrey Butzer, Designers of the Oklahoma City National Memorial,” in Social Science Quarterly (97) 1, pp. 86-95. (Link)

Person, A. and Cline, T. (2012.) “Critical and hermeneutic inquiry: Constructing feminist/geographical/architectural discourse,” in the peer-reviewed Architectural Research Center Consortium and European Association for Architectural Education 2010 International Conference Proceedings, Rena Klein, Richard Hayes, and Virginia Ebbert, eds., pp. 570 – 577. (Link)

Person, A. (2011.) “Toward Participatory Interpretation: Cultural Geographies of Architecture,” in the peer-reviewed 99th Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Annual Meeting Proceedings: Where Do You Stand, Annie Cormier, Annie Pedret & Alberto Perez-Gomez, eds., pp. 397-404. (Link)

Cline, T. and Person, A. (2010.) “Transilient Minds: An historical-anthropological approach to first year architecture studio,” Edinburgh Architecture Research Journal (32), pp. 21-26. (Link)

Additional Research and Projects

Environmental Behavior Undergraduate Research Lab (

Co-director, 2017 – Present | Directing undergraduate research on topics related to environmental behavior, place attachment and risk perception.

The American School of Architecture (

Research and Planning Committee Co-Organizer, 2016 – | Supporting research, coordination, and funding of exhibitions at 2018 Venice Biennale; OU Libraries (2018-2019) and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art (2020), as well as a scholarly catalogue (OU Press 2020), and development of an archive as part of the University of Oklahoma Western History Collection.

National Conference Organizing

“Schools of Thought: Rethinking Architectural Pedagogy,” National scholarly conference held in Norman, Oklahoma, March 5-7, 2020. Lead conference organizer. (Link)

“Creating_Making Forum,” National scholarly conference held in Norman, Oklahoma, November 5-7, 2014. Lead conference organizer. (Link)

“Creating_Making Forum,” National scholarly conference held in Norman, Oklahoma, November 3-5, 2010. Lead conference organizer. (Link)


University of Oklahoma Award for Excellence in Research, Design, and Creative Expression in the Humanities and the Fine Arts, for the American School Project (2016-2021), with Dr. Stephanie Pilat (project co-lead). 2021.

Division of Architecture Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Faculty Excellence Award, University of Oklahoma. 2021.

University of Oklahoma Environmental Concerns Committee Award for Environmental Stewardship, Group Award, for the Environmental Sustainability Working Group (, with Dr. Randy Peppler (co-advisor). 2021.

Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals, Center for Architecture, AIA New York. 2019. (Faculty Advisor to student journal, Telesis) (Link)

University of Oklahoma Libraries ‘Library Partner Award’ for partnering on the “Renegades at Bizzell: Bruce Goff and the American School of Architecture” exhibition. 2019. (Link)

All-Around Staff/Administrator Award, University of Oklahoma Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture. 2019.

Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) Honorable Mention, 2016-17 Dissertation Award, for “Locating the Agency of Architecture.”

Featured Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research

To-date, over $200,000 in sponsored research funding, including:

Faculty Investment Program Grant, sponsored by the OU Vice President for Research & Partnerships, in support of the project “Affective Heritage: Measuring Real-Time Biosensory Responses at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.” $12,639.

Art Works Grant, awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts, to create an online interactive database of American School archival works. Co-PI. 2020. $20,000. (Link)

Smithsonian Institution Doctoral Student Fellowship (2011-2013), for the research project, “Documenting Best Practices in Cultural Institution Facilities Management.” $70,000.