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Ken Marold

Ken Marold


University of New Mexico
Master of Architecture

Roger Williams University
Bachelor of Architecture


Ken is a maker, architect, designer and coder with practical and experimental works spanning the fields of architecture, interaction design, ui/ux, industrial design, environmental graphic design, sound design, electronics, installation and web art and creative coding. Ken is the co-founder of MakeCodePlay, an independent multidisciplinary shop focused on interactive, experimental software and hardware development.

The primary arc of his research agenda deals with personal identity and modes of interfacing with physical and virtual environments examined through novel forms of interaction, embedded systems, data development, game design and environmental issues. Specifically, his research and experimental work takes place at a confluence of maker culture, electronic prototyping, software development and industrial design. Currently, he is examining the intersection between media surfaces and their underlying social and organizational infrastructures and representation, specifically looking at constructing new ways in which modes of media and making might coexist to create new connections to inform and engage new virtual and physical environments.

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Research and Creative Activities in Progress

“Dérive” (Planning). (March 15, 2018-Present).

A drift, or derive, is an unplanned journey through a landscape on which the subtle aesthetic geographic contours subconsciously direct a traveller, with the ultimate goal of creating an entirely new and authentic experience.

I developed an app to be used as a tool to encourage new ways of seeing our environment and to support courses dealing with web interactivity in order to engage students in developing photographic series of work that they may incorporate into their interactive web art–to act as a catalyst to develop new creative trajectories.

I am beginning work on a new version with a new user experience, and additional community-based functionality using the Unity3D game-engine and developing in C#.