Kanghyun Lee - Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture

Kanghyun Lee

Dr. Kanghyun Lee


Texas A&M University 
PhD, Urban and Regional Planning 

Texas A&M University 
MUP, Master of Urban Planning 

Seoul National University  
Master of Landscape Architecture 

Kangwon National University  
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 

Curriculum Vitae

C.V. (PDF)


Kanghyun Lee is a visiting scholar & lecturer of the Division of Landscape Architecture. He earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at Texas A&M University. His interests are urban landscape design, human health, neighborhood environments, and spatial inequality. Especially, his research focuses on urban landscape design strategies and the basis of knowledge of local interventions to improve thermal environments and protect human health for the vulnerable population. 

Professional Credentials

2011 Computer Application Ability License (License No. 11K9000074)

2010 Landscape Architecture Engineer License (1st Class / License No. 10201110150Y)

Selected Publications

Lenzholzer, S., Carsjens, G. J., Brown, R. D., Tavares, S., Vanos, J., Kim, Y., &
Lee, K. (2020). Awareness of urban climate adaptation strategies–an
international overview. Urban Climate, 34, 100705.

Lenzholzer, S., Carsjens, G. J., Brown, R. D., Tavares, S., Vanos, J., Kim, Y., &
Lee, K. (2020). Urban climate awareness and urgency to adapt: An international
overview. Urban Climate, 33, 100667.

Lee, K., Choi, Y., Son, S., Im, S. (2012) An Analysis Study of Landscape View
Point on Urban Histo-Cultural Area: Focused on Bukchon Hanok Village,
Korean Institute of Traditional Landscape Architecture. 30(3): 80-87


2016-2021 Graduate Assistantship, Texas A&M University

2018 Microclimatic Design Research Group (MDRG) Scholarship, Texas A&M University

2013 Academic Superiority Scholarship, Graduate Student, the Sang-Rok Foundation,
Seoul National University ($2,000)

2009 Academic Superiority Scholarship, Senior, Kangwon National University. (Total $1,500)

2008 Academic Superiority Scholarship, Junior, Kangwon National University. (Total $2,000)

2005 Academic Superiority Scholarship, Sophomore, Kangwon National University. (Total

2004 Academic Superiority Scholarship, Freshman, Kangwon National University. (Total

Sponsored Research Projects

ENDEAVR: An Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning Experience in Smart and
Connected Communities,W.M. Keck Foundation, $300,000 (2018-2021)

Establishment of the 6th Regional Forest Plan Project (2018 ~ 2037), Busan Metropolitan City, Korea

Urban Landscape Management Planning in Ceongsong-gun, Local Government of Chungsong-gun, Korea, $92,293, 2011-2012

A Study on the Creating Elements and Model of Place Attachment, The National Research Foundation, Korea, $92,293, 2010-2012

Green way guidelines for Urban Green-Network Project, Ministry of Environment, Korea, $92,293, 2010-2011

National Land Application Plan for Ecological Sustainability, Ministry of Environment, Korea, $46,146, 2009-2010

Urban Forest Development and Management Plan of Chun-cheon City, Local Government of Chuncheon-si, Korea, $18,458, 2009-2010

Urban Forest Development and Management Plan of Yeong-wol City, Local Government of Youngwol-gun, Korea, $45,223, 2009-2010

Construction of National Ecological Network in TaeBaek and Kangwon
Region, Ministry of Environment, Korea, $73,834, 2009-2010

The Implementation and Improvement of the Natural Environment
Restoration Industry,Ministry of Environment, Korea, $27,688, 2008-2009

A Study on the Construction of Forestscape-Network Project, Korea Forest Service, Korea, $76,603, 2008-2009

The Indicators for Environmental Performance Evaluation and
Development of Environmental Capacity Critical, Ministry of Environment, Korea, $36,917, 2008-2009

A Study on guidelines for Development of Eco-culture Trails, Ministry of Environment, Korea, $92,293, 2007-2008