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Kristina Luce Leach

Kathleen Kelly


University of Michigan
PhD, Architectural History and Theory

University of Michigan
MS, Architecture

Miami University of Ohio
Master of Architecture

Miami University of Ohio
Bachelor of Environmental Design


Kristina Leach is a theorist, strategist and historian of architectural design. Her academic work explores the interplay between technology, culture and architecture’s design medium. She uses the insights from this work to create user-focused strategies in the civic, corporate and academic worlds.

Her forthcoming book, The Audacity of Design, begins by exploring the cultural shifts that led the architect to emerge as a separate professional from the builder. This scholarship illuminates how the combined use of plan, section and elevation during the Renaissance was locked together with emerging scientific and cultural understandings. Using this historical perspective allows her to similarly connect the near now with culture and scientific shifts during the 19th century to create a more complete narrative of what the use of computation represents within Architecture.

Since 1994, she has also worked in several capacities in the creation of affordable housing. Starting in Cincinnati, Ohio, she worked in Cultural Resource Management and with neighborhood not-for-profits using traditional approaches to convert historic structures to contemporary housing by leveraging both historic preservation and affordable housing tax credits. During the West Coast housing crisis, she approached the issue from a systems perspective and led Anomura Housing Society to rethink some of the core assumptions we hold about shelter. Through ongoing community outreach and engagement, she led new approaches to land use, construction and housing finance. As a result, Anomura has unlocked new land opportunities in a market where affordability is tied to land cost.

Kristina has taught both Architectural History and Design at Miami University, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Western Washington University. She has been an invited lecturer at Royal BC Museum, Washington University, Duke and Oberlin, and has been privileged to be the beneficiary of several fellowships from, among others, the Mellon Foundation and Getty Research Institute.

As an Affiliated Research Fellow at University of Oklahoma, Kristina will assist with the ongoing American School Project. She is working on essays about John Di Castri and Richard Hunter, both of whom were students of Bruce Goff.

Professional Credentials

ABL Brand Consulting, Co-founder

Society of Architectural Historians, Lifetime Member

Advisory Planning Commission of Oak Bay, Member

Anomura Housing Society, Board of Directors