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Dr. Lee A. Fithian

Lee Fithian


University of Oklahoma
Ph.D., Engineering

University of Oklahoma
Master of Architecture

University of Oklahoma
BS, Computer Science

University of Oklahoma
BS, Architectural Engineering

Curriculum Vitae

C.V. (PDF) 


Lee’s research and teaching efforts focus on the application of biological and ecological models to architectural design. She builds connections between interdisciplinary research and architectural design to conserve and regenerate air and water in urban and suburban environments. Each of her studios carries a strong focus on the technical development and integration of analytical visualizations in order to develop “green” architecture.

Lee has over 17 years of commercial and governmental practice experience, including serving as former Director of Sustainable Design at the Benham Companies (now Leidos). Within the State of Oklahoma, she helped found the Oklahoma Sustainability Network and the State Chapter of the US Green Building Council. Lee currently serves as Chair of the Committee on the Environment for the AIA Central Oklahoma Chapter.

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Lee Fithian is the Director of the Outdoor Urban Air Quality Testing Lab.

Professional Credentials

AICP, American Planning Association. (2005-Present).

LEED AP, US Green Building Council. (2002-Present).

Licensed Architect, State of Oklahoma. (1998-Present).

NCARB, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. (1998-Present).

American Institute of Certified Planners. (2005-Present).

Chair of Central Oklahoma Chapter of Committee on the Environment (COTE), American Institute of Architects. (1998-Present).

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. (1998-Present).

Selected Publications

Shadravan, S., Fithian, L. A., Callahan, M. P., Mahdi, A. (2019). “DESIGN TECHNOLOGY: ARCHITECTS’ EARLY IMPACT ON INDOOR AIR QUALITY.”, AEI- 2019 Proceeding Conference DOI:

Ghosh, T., Callahan, M. P., Shadravan, S., Fithian, L. A. (in press). “Composite Mycelium-Glass Brick Unit.” Stockholm, Sweden, Advanced Material Congress (AMC) Conference 2019.

Fithian, L. (2018). “The Double Skin Facade: Enhancing Air Quality.” Los Angeles, Tectonics Press Publications Vol. 1, 563- 568. pp 563-568

Coffman, R., Fithian, L., Akins, E. (2017). “Deploying Shipping Containers for Innovative Living Architecture Design Education.” Living Architecture Monitor, Vol. 4, No. 2, 16.

Fithian, L. A. (2015). “How Advanced Building Systems Can Offset Water Infrastructure Needs.” International Making Cities Livable, Vol. #94.

McCuen, T. L., Fithian, L. A. (2011). “Potential Harmful Environmental Impacts as a Consequence of Material and System Specifications, Installation, and Operations in Current U.S. Green Building Practices.” Green Buildings and the Law, London and New York: CIB and Spon Press.


National Fellow, Environmental Leadership Program. (September 13, 2017).

2010 Pisces Award, EPA Clean Water State Revolving Fund. (2010).

Award of Excellence Winner, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. (2010).

Featured Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Fithian, L. A., “National Fellow,” Sponsored by Enivronmental Leadership Program, Private, $5,000.00. (September 2017-Present).

Fithian, L. A., Butko, D. J., Pavlik, R. B., Pilat, S. Z., “3DMAVS: Development of a mobile, studio level, scalable, 3D visualization and auralization suite for 5 viewers simultaneously,” Sponsored by COA IT Committee, The University of Oklahoma, $4,585.00. (2015-2016).