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David L. Boeck

Dave Boeck


University of Oklahoma
Master of Architecture, Emphasis in Sustainability

University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Architecture, Emphasis in Sustainability

University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Environmental Design



Dave is an Associate Professor focused on integrating Universal Design Principles into all projects, along with the concepts of sustainability.  He has also integrated a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to studio organization and project development.  Dave teaches a rendering course focus on the use of color pencil, marker, water color and hybrid methods of drawing development.  His research is focused on the development of multidisciplinary tools for evaluating a community in terms of it age-friendliness.  This process has included organizing community exhibits that incorporate multidisciplinary participatory action research and dissemination methods.

He maintains DLB Architects, PC, an architectural practice focused on sustainable and age-friendly environments.  He is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist and is currently working with local non-profits to set up a village concept in Norman, OK to help support age-friendliness in the community.  He is also working with developers to integrate age-friendly design details into neighborhood as well as housing design.

Professional Credentials

Member, American Institute of Architects. (January 1, 2018 – Present).

Board of Directors, Environmental Design Research Association. (Jan. 2016 – Present).

Architecture license for the state of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Board of Governors of Licensed Architects. (June 1, 2015 – June 1, 2017).

Featured Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Boeck, D., (PI), “College of Architecture Program for Research Enhancement,” Sponsored by Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture, The University of Oklahoma, $3,893. (September 2, 2018 – October 31, 2018).

Warnken, C. G. (Principal Investigator), Boeck, D. L. (Co-Principal Investigator), Strevett, K. (Co-Principal Investigator), Nairn, R. (Co-Principal Investigator), “BMP Demonstration Neighborhood in the Little River Watershed,” Sponsored by State of Oklahoma, Conservation Commission, State. (June 1, 2009-December 31, 2015).

Zaman, M. (Principal Investigator), Ghabchi, R. (Co-Principal Investigator), Singh, D. (Co-Principal Investigator), Boeck, D. L. (Co-Principal Investigator), “Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Pavements Containing RAS and RAP,” Sponsored by State of Oklahoma, Department of Transportation, State. (October 1, 2012-December 31, 2014).

Research and Creative Activities in Progress

“Age friendly housing” (On-Going). (2014). Developing a number of age-friendly housing projects in Norman.


International Community Service Award, American Institute of Architects-Oklahoma. (November 11, 2016).

Classes taught at OU

ARCH 1112, Cultures of Collaborating
ARCH 1121, Methods I- Intro-Creating
ARCH 1142, Design, Construction & Society
ARCH 1153, Design I-Design Fundamentals
ARCH 1154, Design I-Fundamentals
ARCH 1223, Methods II
ARCH 2354, Design III-Crafting Place
ARCH 3013, Architecture for Non-Majors
ARCH 3554, Studio V
ARCH 3654, Studio VI
ARCH 4433, Rendering
ARCH 4513, Creativity Through Sketching
ARCH 4754, Studio VII
ARCH 4855, Design VIII-Arch Synthesis
ARCH 4960, Directed Readings
ARCH 4970, Housing Typologies and Trends
ARCH 5536, Grad Architectural Design III
ARCH 5960, Directed Readings
ARCH 5970, Housing Typologies and Trends
ARCH 5980, Research for Master’s Thesis
ARCH 5990, Special Studies in Arch
ARCH 6990, Special Studies
L A 5513, Land Arch Drawing & Graphics
RCPL 5970, Zambia Service Learning