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Dr. Andres F. Cavieres Pinilla

Andres Cavieres


Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD, Architecture

Georgia Institute of Technology
MS, Architecture

University of Chile
Professional Degree, Architecture

University of Chile
BA, Architecture


Andres Cavieres is an Associate Professor in the Division of Architecture, Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma. He has a bachelor and professional degree in Architecture from Universidad de Chile. He earned his Ph.D. in Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he started his research on Design Computation, Building Information Modeling and Knowledge Representation in Design.

Before coming to The United States, Andres was a lecturer at Universidad de Chile, where he taught courses in Building Information Modeling, as well as several design studios and research seminars.

During his time at Georgia Tech, Andres was part of the Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) and Digital Building Lab (DBL), working on the specification Building Information Modeling applications for the masonry industry (BIM-M initiative). He also participated in a large interdisciplinary research project funded by the DoE on solar energy, leading the development of several patent-pending technologies. His work has been published in journals and conference proceedings, and exhibited at the Biennale of Architecture in São Paulo, the Museum of Design of Atlanta (MODA) and the AIA New York’s Center for Architecture.  More recently, Andres has been awarded the King Student Medal for Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Research by the Architectural Research Centers Consortium – ARCC.

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Cavieres, A., T. Al-Haddad, J. Goodman. “Mounting Clips for Panel Installation.” Patent Number US 9,705,447. Issued on July 11th, 2017.

Cavieres, A., T. Al-Haddad, F. Valdes, J. Goodman. “Mounting Clips for Panel Installation.” Patent Number US 9,571,031. Issued on February 14th, 2017.

Al-Haddad, T., A. Cavieres, R. Gentry, J. Goodman, W. Nolan, T. Pitelka, K. Rahimzadeh, B. Brooks, J. Lohr, R. Crooks, J. Porges, D. Rubin. “Solar Panel Truss Mounting Systems and Methods.” Patent Number US 9,379,660. Issued on June 28th, 2016.

Featured Publications

Cavieres, A., Gentry R. and Eastman C. (2016). “A Process-Driven Representation Schema for Masonry Wall Assemblies.” 33rd International Symposium in Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC), Auburn, Alabama.

Gentry, T. R., Sharif S., Cavieres A, and Biggs D. (2016). “BIM Schema for Masonry Units and Walls.” 16th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference, Padova, Italy.

Cavieres, A. and Gentry, R. “Masonry Regions: A New Approach for the Representation of Masonry Walls in BIM Applications.” in eCAADe 2015 – 33rd Annual Conference. 2015. Vienna, Austria.


2014 ARCC King Student Medal for Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Research, Architectural Research Centers Consortium– ARCC. (April 2014).

Featured Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Cavieres, A. (Principal Investigator), Siddique, Z. (Co-Investigator), Ramseyer, C. (Co-Investigator) and Shadravan, S. (Co-Investigator). “Functional Prototyping for PV Installation.” $50,000. Awarded by the OU Growth Fund. Office of Technology Development (OTD), University of Oklahoma. 2018 – present.

Gentry, R. (Principal Investigator), Eastman, C. (Principal Investigator) and Cavieres, A. (Co-Investigator). Masonry Wall Definition Project, part of the North-American Building Information Modeling for Masonry (BIM-M) initiative. $67,920. Awarded by the Charles Pankow Foundation. 2014-2015.