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Callahan, S

Sam E. Callahan

Sam Callahan


University of Oklahoma
MS, Architecture

University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Architecture


A proud University of Oklahoma alum, Sam remained in Norman from his early professional life to founding a firm in 1997.  Though maintaining a Norman address, his firm’s specialty in clash resolution and built environment assessment led to more working days in locales from Boston to Beijing than Oklahoma.  His desire to travel and affinity for research began as an undergraduate when he received a grant to study wood connections in traditional Chinese architecture–this grant took him to Taiwan for almost a year.  This opportunity led to decades of interest in non-Western cultures.  A passion for history and thousands of hours on planes allowed for immersion in the study and pursuit of world history and to visit the great architectural works of the world.  Sam was offered an opportunity to teach architectural history and design as an adjunct in 2008. This offer sparked a passion to share his experiences in architecture and inspire students to seek wisdom and innovation in history’s artifacts.

Sam’s design approach is rooted in the traditional communication skills essential for all designers.  Distillation, iteration, and precedent are fundamental tools for crafting and expressing creativity in both the studio and the office environment.  His decades on-site and as a consultant bring real world experience to pair with the esoteric nature of the classroom.

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Selected Publications

Callahan, S. E. (in press). “Douglas Cardinal.” Bruno Zevi Foundation Catalog of Organic
Architecture Bruno Zevi Foundation.