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Daniel J. Butko


University of Florida
Master of Architecture

University of Florida
BS, Architectural Design

Curriculum Vitae

C.V. (PDF) 


Associate Director of the Division of Architecture, tenured Associate Professor and Division Curriculum Coordinator Daniel Butko regularly teaches 2nd and 4th year design studios, materials and sustainable technology courses, an upper division architectural acoustics elective and design-build opportunities. His community-engaged research focuses on materials, sustainability and acoustics with numerous awarded university, private and industry partnerships as well as government grants. Publications and paper presentations include collaborative efforts within national and international conferences and journals, including ACSA and ASA.

Daniel’s professional experience spans over 27 years in all phases of design, client management, consultant collaboration, acoustical expertise and construction administration with Populous, JE Dunn, Russ Berger Design Group and private consulting practices. He was the architect of the $7+ million 2018 completed home for Dallas City News in Fair Park. Notable awards include the College of Architecture 2015 Outstanding Educator Award, the 2012 EPA P3 Award (sustainability in design and construction), the 2005 Robert Bradford Newman Medal (architectural acoustics), and the 1993 Walt Disney Dreamers and Doers Award (creativity and constancy).

“Analogous to the construction process of each piece building upon the next, architectural education and practice encompass a multifaceted process of codependent components.”

Professional Credentials

LEED Accredited Professional, Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design. (July 2007-Present).

Registered Architect- State of Oklahoma, State of Oklahoma. (July 2, 2010-June 30, 2019).

NCARB certified, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. (February 2006-November 30, 2018).

Committee on Architectural Acoustics and Newman Fund Advisory Board, Acoustical Society of America. (2008-Present).

National Council of Architectural Review Boards. (2007-Present).

American Institute of Architects. (2005-Present).

Registered Architect- State of Texas, State of Texas. (December 6, 2013-October 31, 2018).

Registered Architect- State of Kansas, State of Kansas. (July 6, 2007-June 30, 2018).

Registered Architect- State of Georgia, State of Georgia. (October 8, 2015-June 30, 2017).

Selected Publications

Shadravan, S., Reyes, M. D., Butko, D. J., Holliday, L. M., Hines, K. R., Huizar, J. “Sustainability of Compressed Earth Block Construction: Comparative Analysis of Compressed Stabilized Earth Block and Traditional Wood Framed Single Family Residences.” AEI ASCE, pp. 368–374.

Holliday, L. M., Ramseyer, C., Reyes, M. D., Butko, D. J. (2016). “Building with Compressed Earth Block within the Building Code.” ASCE Journal of Architectural Engineering, Vol.22, No. 30, 04016007-1 – 04016007-13.

Butko, D., Holliday, L., Reyes, M., Birney, J., Randorff, J. (2015). “Comparing the acoustical nature of a compressed earth block (CEB) residence to a traditional wood framed residence.” Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 22, No. 1, 1-19.


OU College of Architecture 2015 Outstanding Educator Award, OU CoA. (September 25, 2015).

Christopher C. Gibbs Architectural Research Fellowship

Classes taught at OU

ARCH 1133, Intro to Building Technology
ARCH 1154, Design and Graphics Studio I
ARCH 2363, Methods III-Materials & Form
ARCH 2423, Methods IV-Materials & Form
ARCH 2454, Design IV-Materials & Making
ARCH 2456, Design IV-Materials & Making
ARCH 3440, Mentored Research Experience
ARCH 3533, Architectural Materials
ARCH 3554, Studio V
ARCH 3654, Studio VI
ARCH 4723, Methods VII-Advanced Systems
ARCH 4754, Studio VII
ARCH 4755, Design VII-Systems & Context
ARCH 4756, Design VII-Systems & Context
ARCH 4783, Architectural Acoustics
ARCH 4960, Directed Readings
ARCH 4970, Acoustics in Architecture
ARCH 5363, Methods III
ARCH 5536, Grad Architectural Design III
ARCH 5723, Methods VII-Advanced Systems
ARCH 5783, Architectural Acoustics
ARCH 5960, Directed Readings
ARCH 5970, Acoustics in Architecture
ARCH 6960, Directed Readings

Featured Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Butko, D. J., “In-kind donation grant from Coreslab Structures-Acoustics Research,” Sponsored by Coreslab Structures, Inc., Private, $20,000.00. (January 2018-Present).

Butko, D. J., “Adaptive Interactive Acoustics: investigating acoustically-minded architecture totransform adverse multiuse spaces into healthy learning environments,” Sponsored by OU Research Council- Faculty Investment Program, The University of Oklahoma, $14,942.00. (May 16, 2017-Present).

Holliday, L. M. (Principal Investigator), Graham, C. (Co-Principal Investigator), Reyes, M. D. (Co-Principal Investigator), Williams, S. B. (Co-Principal Investigator), Butko, D. J. (Co-Principal Investigator), “Comparing the Sustainability of a Compressed Earth Block House to a Conventionally Framed House Built to National Green Building Standards,” Sponsored by Environmental Protection Agency, Federal. (August 15, 2012-February 15, 2015)