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Paulina Baeza

Paulina Baeza is an architect from Puebla, Mexico, with a master’s degree in Urban Management, Land Valuation and Planning from Barcelona, Spain, where she conducted research at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Paulina recently completed her second master’s at the University of Oklahoma Urban Design Studio, and has participated in workshops, conferences and the development of projects in Spain, Germany, Mexico and the United States. She has also been involved in academia since 2010, and was both an ALBAN and CONACYT scholar.

Paulina is currently a Transportation Planner for INCOG, Tulsa’s metropolitan planning organization, where she supports the implementation of active transportation and transit-oriented projects. She participates in the development of policy and design proposals, public participation strategies, placemaking, sustainable development and planning for inclusive communities. Paulina teaches a course on Urban and Regional Transportation Planning at The University of Oklahoma Urban Design Studio, and lectures long-distance at the Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico. She began serving at the Hispanic Affairs Commission of the City of Tulsa in January 2018.