Bullard - Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture


Terri Bullard


Tulane School of Architecture
MS, Architectural Research and Design

University of Arkansas
BArch, Architecture

Terri Bullard is a dedicated designer, educator, and researcher, that explores how social and environmental justice intersect with, are mutated by and inform the built environment. Their mission is to cultivate fresh, community-centric systems and interventions that empower individuals to shape their surroundings actively.

Terri earned a Master of Science in Architectural Research and Design from the Tulane School of Architecture, complemented by a Bachelor of Architecture earned at the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design. With over eight years of experience spanning both the public and private sectors, they have honed their expertise across various scales.

Informed by their lived experiences, Terri’s recent research delves into the omnipresent influence of neoliberal urbanism on cultural infrastructure, critically examining its profound impacts on urban heritage in the historic city of Nassau, The Bahamas.

Through their work, they encourage students and peers to contemplate the intricate interplay of design, society, and environment, fostering a deeper understanding of architecture’s role in that complex nebula. In their position as the Herb Greene Teaching Fellow at the Gibbs College of Architecture, Professor Bullard continues to shape the next generation of architects, challenging them to envision bold imaginaries in our evolving world.